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People are expensive. We have a method of creating charming, witty and informed agents that act on your behalf at the fraction of the cost of hiring an actual brand advocate.

Think of it this way; we can create superbots. They do a bit more than just automatically following and messaging people. They can be programmed with deep repositories of institutional knowledge, against deep libraries of symbolically reductive reasoning and responses, and with every single interaction they become smarter. We’re not saying that Skynet has become self-aware, but it’s a step in that direction.

Meet TCB01:

Right now, it's probably updating with lots of neat entertainment industry information (unless there's an active campaign in progress).

Click on the profile's name, go to Twitter. Then....ask it anything.

Ask why the sky is blue, or what the capital of Switzerland is, or about its favorite band or movie.

These profiles essentially represent a new generation of automated CRM and managed active promotion entities. They can be programmed to provide information on any subject, can actively promote messaging right in your niche (this does not represent or even remotely resemble indescriminate spamming), and the vast majority of people who interact with them a) thank them for the recommendation b) 'list' them as an expert and c) repeat the things they all of their friends.

And this....scales.

Contact us to find out more.

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