Take it off the Leash

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This is a brief overview of the kinds of strategies and technology that we’ll use to help you advance your brand online.

The first thing we’ll do is reprise your existing content in such a way that it’s running dynamically, from a database driven website. Websites are not billboards, or brochures…or more accurately, they shouldn’t be. Your brand has a message to share with the world, and we’ll help you move that message by insuring that when you publish a new piece of content, it’s automatically re-published on all of the world’s major social networks.

Your content will automatically appear on those networks with links that take people right back to your site, so that they can learn more about what you’re saying, and elect to opt in to your brand messaging. Publishing frequently is something that we can automate for you by aggregating loads of content from third party sites. We’ll identify sources of re-publishable content from third party sources, and make your site publish that content as original items that are distributed to your followers on the social networks. There are several good reasons to do this. The first is very high organic search engine rankings for whatever titles you’re publishing. Publishing
titles with high-value keywords will directly result in high rankings on search engines for each term. That drives traffic to your site.

Search engines puts a very high value on publishing frequency and on publishing relevancy. If you publish a lot on keywords that are related to your enterprise, and have the content appear in many, many places all at the same time, search engines will recognize that and reward it. Additionally, the people who are opting in to your com-
munications stream have been proven to convert at a much higher rate (up to 5% in our testing) than they would in a normal direct market response.

Once this basic construction is completed, you’ve got something worth promoting with marketing budget. We can also bring recommendations for how to execute your paid, search and social campaigning.

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