Artificial Intelligence Services

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Artificial Intelligence Services

People are expensive. We have a method of creating charming, witty and informed agents that act on your behalf at the fraction of the cost of hiring an actual brand advocate.

Think of it this way; we can create superbots. They do a bit more than just automatically following and messaging people. They can be programmed with deep repositories of institutional knowledge, against deep libraries of symbolically reductive reasoning and responses, and with every single interaction they become smarter. We’re not saying that Skynet has become self-aware, but it’s a step in that direction.

Meet TCB01:

Right now, it's probably updating with lots of neat entertainment industry information (unless there's an active campaign in progress).

Click on the profile's name, go to Twitter. Then....ask it anything.

Ask why the sky is blue, or what the capital of Switzerland is, or about its favorite band or movie.

These profiles essentially represent a new generation of automated CRM and managed active promotion entities. They can be programmed to provide information on any subject, can actively promote messaging right in your niche (this does not represent or even remotely resemble indescriminate spamming), and the vast majority of people who interact with them a) thank them for the recommendation b) 'list' them as an expert and c) repeat the things they all of their friends.

And this....scales.

Contact us to find out more.

Twitter Campaigning

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Twitter Campaigning

We provide forward thinking, ahead of the curve Twitter account maintenance as part of a larger service offering, or we can just handle your Twitter presence for you. Twitter is fast on its way to becoming a foundation of web-business and distribution, and it is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Let us put you in the top 10% of Tweeters for your niche. Services include: account setup, page skinning, follower gathering and maintenance, automatic Tweeting, and troubleshooting. We can also teach you how to make the most of your experience on Twitter.

Take it off the Leash

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Take it off the Leash

This is a brief overview of the kinds of strategies and technology that we’ll use to help you advance your brand online.

The first thing we’ll do is reprise your existing content in such a way that it’s running dynamically, from a database driven website. Websites are not billboards, or brochures…or more accurately, they shouldn’t be. Your brand has a message to share with the world, and we’ll help you move that message by insuring that when you publish a new piece of content, it’s automatically re-published on all of the world’s major social networks.

Your content will automatically appear on those networks with links that take people right back to your site, so that they can learn more about what you’re saying, and elect to opt in to your brand messaging. Publishing frequently is something that we can automate for you by aggregating loads of content from third party sites. We’ll identify sources of re-publishable content from third party sources, and make your site publish that content as original items that are distributed to your followers on the social networks. There are several good reasons to do this. The first is very high organic search engine rankings for whatever titles you’re publishing. Publishing
titles with high-value keywords will directly result in high rankings on search engines for each term. That drives traffic to your site.

Search engines puts a very high value on publishing frequency and on publishing relevancy. If you publish a lot on keywords that are related to your enterprise, and have the content appear in many, many places all at the same time, search engines will recognize that and reward it. Additionally, the people who are opting in to your com-
munications stream have been proven to convert at a much higher rate (up to 5% in our testing) than they would in a normal direct market response.

Once this basic construction is completed, you’ve got something worth promoting with marketing budget. We can also bring recommendations for how to execute your paid, search and social campaigning.

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

You want to rank organically. Really, you do.

THE CONTENT BEAST is a top to bottom production, design, marketing, and distribution service company. We can build your business’s web presence into a dynamic, optimized force, and put it in front of millions of eyeballs worldwide. You’re looking for brand reach? We can help you get there.


The first thing we do is evaluate your current online presence. If you already have a website, we rate its effectiveness. We will then give you a quote based on where we think we can take you. We want you to ask yourself this question: if you were a consumer looking to buy something online, what would catch your eye? You’d want it to be easy to find, fast, attractive, and informational. It should give you some video to watch tell you what the product or service is, and it should be obvious how to buy the product or sign up for the service right then and there.

We will help you build a site that is simple to maintain and post to. We will help you approach site development in an effective way that communicates back and forth with search engines and social networks. We’ll build you a site that is easily searchable, and is given priority over Flash-based websites with search engines. When it comes to sales, effectiveness is more important than aesthetic. That doesn’t mean that your site will look like a ‘blog’, however; the templates available today, and their “skin-ability” mean that your site will look and feel like your company. This is, after all, your storefront in the great virtual marketplace that is the world wide web.

We will make sure that on every page of your site, it is easy and obvious how to make the step from browser/surfer, to client/customer.

After all, once the ball is rolling and the traffic starts coming in, you’d better be ready to take advantage of all the new attention you’ll be getting. We will use automation to help you manage the whole process.


Your new site will allow you to publish news about your company, new products and services, exciting developments, what have you. This will link into your email campaign, your Twitter account, and then out into the massive Blogosphere. We will set up your site to automatically find and publish high quality, open-source information from all over the world wide web and publish it. So while you are busy living your life, running your business, doing the things that really matter, your site is busy publishing and republishing, automatically positioning you as an expert in your field.

Standing on the shoulders of giants:

TCB employs well-established, rock-solid Open-Source technologies to get your site up and running. The Linux Operating System, Apache Web Servers, PHP Scripting and MySQL databases are legendary for their reliability, flexibility and scalability. We leverage a vibrant community of developers to keep you on the bleeding edge of what’s possible.

Integrated Marketing

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Integrated Marketing

Your site isn’t working to your best interests. You know it. We can help.

Drop the idea that your site is a billboard. Move your message.

We’ll show you how to leverage the power of the network to realize high rankings, better traffic flow, and more sales by dint of how you’re publishing. We’ll help position you as an expert in your niche.

Let TCB open your eyes to strategies and methods that are designed to have your customers find you.

Viral Video Production

In the world of online business the first impression is the most important.

Who are you? What do you do?

What do you stand for?

Perhaps you need a more entertaining approach, a good laugh to get potential customers to feel at ease, and more open to your brand message. Your home page is no longer a static display with a welcome message and a few pictures, instead, think of it as your business in action.


Nobody wants to take a suitcase full of money and throw it at a moving propeller.

Wading in to the shallow end of marketing often yields people mortified at their lack of results.

We’ll show you how to attract new customers…automatically.

That’s right. We provide the tools. We’ll show you how to establish yourself not just as an entrepreneurial enterprise, but as an authority.

Building your site properly and publishing frequently and relevantly within your niche will bring customers to you. They’ll opt-in to find out more about what you have to offer.